I'm a Brazilian writer, storyteller and performer living and working in Belgium since 2006.
My research focuses broadly on the ways individuals relate to narratives in order to create a sense of identity, to form their opinion of the world, and ultimately to protect themselves.
During the last years, I've been studying 'the rhetorics of deception', investigating the use of storytelling in communication media. More specifically, through a comparative study between instances of “deceptive discourse” in communication processes and the voices of first-person “unreliable narrators” in classic and contemporary works of fiction.
As a writer, I've always been passionate about magic realism as well as all forms of experimental prose where fictional elements are incorporated in the narratives with the same relevance as real facts — which, I believe, allow us to address the often phantasmagoric social realities of our history.
At the present moment — when the power of storytelling seems to have been confiscated by the Empire — I've been trying to discover other methodologies of writing, departing mainly from a philosophical approach to the language and concepts present in the research, through the use of Ontological Thinking. (See OFAR PROJECT bellow)
In my performance work I'm still concerned with finding techniques to produce hypertext fiction on stage. And to expose the audience to an experience of co-authorship, where viewers / readers / listerners are invited to make intellectual and emotional associations to the completion of the stories.

............................ OFAR Project

(Ontology for Artistic Research)

Ontology is the study of “what is”. It is the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence or reality as well as ‘the basic categories of being’ and their relations. Throughout history Ontology, as a field of philosophy and metaphysics, has been widely used in the exercise of thought and experience to aid thinkers with a deeper comprehension of the actual things and facts surrounding their field of interest. With the advent of Information Technology this utilization of Ontology has gained significant importance and wider adoption as ontological machine-readable systems are being developed in order to represent to the machines aspects of our reality, of human language and other forms of communication. Though Ontology has been widely adopted in the fields of philosophy, science and IT, it is still not yet explored (in depth) in the different fields of humanities and more specifically in the art field. The OFAR project takes on such endeavor. It questions whether Ontology and ontological thinking could serve as a tool to aid and enhance certain aspects of artistic research. OFAR is a collaborative platform, an ever expanding and morphing work-in-progress. It is a methodology which incorporates ontological thinking and ontology construction in artistic research processes. OFAR aims to bring a contribution from philosophy and A.I. to the filed of arts, while also drawing from the arts a deeper understanding of essential notions of representation, communication, human behavior, etc.
Mariana Casella (Ontologist)
Mariana Darvas Lanari (Artist)