The Chicken Factory

"Not that I haven't been to a chicken-factory before... I have been to thousands of chicken-factories in my life, I mean my time, well the time of my life in which I spent visiting chicken factories. Undercoverly. Yes, as an undercover agent. But this one! This one was really something else. All the chickens working there were partly handicap. And their partly handicapped condition wasn't something visible. Their condition lay in the fact that they didn't know what an egg was, basically. And in that sense, they were strangely blessed. Imagine...They could imagine it. The Chicken Factory Project was something very unique.
It took place in a non-environment, a hot-stemmed warehouse,where chickens piled up to produce instead of eggs, ideas around the topic. I know it may sound absurd that unaware chickens would be able to produce decent ideas, but these were in fact the best ones. Busy and distracted at the same time. And as I came to discover afterwards, just perfect for the permanence of that first "EGG", the same one from millions and millions of years. All the time I've lived as an undercover agent I was actually questioning my very condition (of an agent) but I had no idea what it meant, exactly. Not until then.The Chicken Factory was initially conceived as a laboratory of intentions. An investigation project where a certain number of pre-selected chickens would build a discussion about their condition. Surprisingly enough, it turned out to be something much more extreme. Our investigation was governed by a speech-machine, a grid of hanging microphones that forced them to speak in order to survive. And in order to help them develop their fantasies around survival, a general state of despair was provided. We organized “thinking sessions” and these were recorded in moments that they had reached a certain level of physical exhaustion that all they could do was THINK!
So, even though they lived in small cages with narrow floors, never saw the sun or breathed fresh air, they could allow themselves to wonder… Even though they were eventually de-beaked, covered in excrement from one another, and were frequently starved to force “ideas” out of them, they found hope…in the egg."