"This, ladies and gentlemen, is Exotica, one of the last members of the Monopodius tribe.
According to descriptions of those who first encountered them, just bellow the limits of the Torrid Zone, these creatures had a strikingly unusual look: besides having their bodies completely covered in feathers, they were originally born with only one leg.
Also unusual was the fact that on the hottest days of the summer, they would lie on their backs, and with their one single foot, kick, and kick, and kick the sun rays.
Trying to avoid the heat, these creatures crawled about for years, spreading out on the pavement like germs.
Legend has it that on one specific sunny day, a sort of God came down to their land and at one single stroke, gave them the other leg.
They thought they would be finally able to walk. But the spasms of the original foot and the visibly unstable second leg, caused them to stamp their feet hard on the ground in an almost uncontrollable manner.
This led them eventually to develop a weird sort of dance, now commonly known as “samba”, which became very attractive all over the planet.
Barely able to walk and weak from trying their bodies were dancing out of frustration, and that would only increase as they tried to understand their new condition.
Years went by, then one day, the telephone rang..."