This is not a flirt, I'm only sitting here because I tripped and I fell (2012)

A series of impressions and descriptions of a group of people trapped in an ever lasting waiting room. This distinct environment, turns into a space of conversation between characters and writers, where the boarder between reality and fiction is blurred. It's a stretching, an opening of this boarder — when do things start to be considered absurd?

Luanda Casella_concept; texts & spoken word
Dj Grazzhoppa_turntables
Lode Vercampt_cello

A NU THING _ Kunstencentrum De Werf (Bruges)
production_ Brigitte Mys/ Silence Fini
co-production_ De Werf
support_ Vlaamse Overheid; Stad Gent; Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen